Kandla Port Trust 
Organisational Chart
Organisational Chart
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Class III&IV

 FA&CAO-Financial Advisor and Chief Account Officer	
 EM       -Estate Manager
 AEM     -Asst Estate Manager
 XEN     -Executive Engineer 
 CME     -Chief Mechanical Engineer
 SAP     -System Analysts and Programmer
 AO       -Accounts Officer
 TP&PRO-Trade Promotion and Public Relation Officer
 DPO     -Data Processing Officer
 AXEN   -Asst Executive Engineer
 AEN     -Asst Engineer
 CE       -Chief Engineer
 SE       -Superintendent Engineer
 DC       -Deputy Conservator
 TM       -Traffic Manager
 HM      -Harbour Master
 HE       -Hydrolic Engineer
 CME     -Chief Mechanical Engineer
 SRO     -Statistical And Research Officer
 CMO     -Chief Medical Officer
 COM     -Chief Operations Manager
 CVO  	- Chief  Vigilance Officer 
  Dy.CVO    - Dy.  Chief Vigilance Officer
 VO			- Vigilance Officer

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